Terms and conditions

April 2012

I. General Terms and Conditions - Terms and Conditions

First Scope of Application
These Terms and Conditions (TC) shall apply to all contracts entered into with accommodation above, provided that they meet the characteristics of the Contract Terms Act. They can be replaced by the single case negotiated terms. These terms and conditions vary considerably and generally visible in the hotel (especially the reception area) and
the guest or customer agreements handed in separately.

Second Completion of the accommodation contract
Whichever is the valid price list of the relevant tariffs and service descriptions. Moreover, services and rates are subject to change. The guest contract (accommodation agreement) must be in writing (or by booking online) only. The completion of the accommodation contract obligates both parties to fulfill the contract conditions, regardless of the duration of the contract. For overnight stays, the accommodation agreement is concluded as soon as
the room was booked and confirmed, or if for reasons of time a promise was not possible, is provided.

Third Reservation
If rooms or other services reserved on an optional basis, the option data are binding on both parties. After expiration of the option period can be called up lodging establishment without checking the option to freely dispose of reserved rooms and services. Reserved and confirmed by the hotel rooms are on the arrival and on departure day from 16:00 clock to 10:00 clock made available. The property owner is entitled reserved room on arrival after 18:00 clock to someone else, unless a later arrival time has been agreed.

4th Price Changes
Negotiated prices may after the contract by the tourist accommodation will be changed according to the then current price lists, if the period between the conclusion and performance of each provision is more than 4 months.

5th Terms of payment
The invoices shall unless other payment terms have been agreed, upon receipt of invoice without any deduction for payment. The acceptance and the selection of credit cards is the place of accommodation in each case the free template of a credit card even if the general acceptance of credit cards through notices will be displayed. The acceptance of credit cards and other means of payment in the rest of performance only. Cash payment for even a bill entitled the hotel and any other future services to the guests set. The requirement is that the accommodation the latter by a reminder with a deadline and outlining the consequences.

6th Prepayments
The property owner is entitled to deduct 25% of the room rate as deposit of the deposited credit card. A transfer of the deposit within 5 working days alterantiv possible. The accommodation is authorized by a guest who has not booked up, and to demand advance payments amounting to one night stay at the conclusion of the accommodation contract. The property owner may, without giving any reason, any reservation or other service to perform or continue, is conditional upon the whole or partial settlement of the expected amounts due in advance in the form of advance payments, progress payments or total advance payments.

7th Cancellations and cancellation conditions
In cases of cancellations of reservations on the part of the guest or tourist accommodation may be charged against each other: Cancellation until 28 days prior to the provision of individual services: Calculation of 25% of the reserved services. Cancellation within 28 days to provide the respective services: Charge of 90% of the reserved services. Cancellation fees also apply for partial cancellation of the reserved services.

8th Liability
The liability of the tourist accommodation, § § 701-703 of the Civil Code. A liability from other reasons is excluded unless the damage was from the hotel itself, its legal representatives or vicarious agents intentionally or grossly negligent.

9th Other Provisions
a) The headings are only for convenience only and have no material significance, especially not a final settlement.
b) For the conditions and all legal terms between the hotel and the guest is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
c) The jurisdiction is responsible for the site district court.

10th Revocation of reservations
The property owner can with reasonable cause to believe to endanger that the guest's smooth operations, safety or the reputation of the threat, and in case of force majeure (eg fire, strike, etc.) to cancel any reservation, without liability for damages to while his method in accordance with the provisions for cancellation in accordance with section 7 and require cancellation charges